Princess Features ‘Shark Week at Sea’

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As part of the recently announced Discovery at Sea program, in partnership with Discovery, Princess Cruises will be celebrating Shark Week fleet wide with games, food, drinks, decor, parties, and television content.

The festivities and activities onboard will be for adults and children alike; designed to entertain as well as educate them about the sharks in the deep.

The shark week activities will be year round and consist of the following:

  • fish stories about sharks – a quiz style activity designed to help guests know the difference between truth and “fish tales”
  • swimming with the sharks – a team competition with a series of challenges
  • guess the number – guests have the opportunity to guess how many faux shark teeth are in a jar
  • decor and giveaways – one elevator on each ship will be wrapped to appear as if guests are in a shark cage, families with children 3-12 will receive a rubber shark toy at turndown, and there will be shark week crafts, face painting, and other activities as well as prizes
  • premiere party – there will be premiere parties to live stream shark week content and the blue carpet will be rolled out, complete with a shark week backdrop for photos
  • bites and beverages – there will be ice and fruit carvings in the atrium, as well as shark cakes and cocktails.  There will also be shark cookies during milk and cookie hour.
  • entertainment – onboard comedians will include shark – themed humor, costumed sharks will appear around the ship and there will be green screens for photo opportunities

Enjoy Shark Week!

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