Princess Survey Says: Americans Need More Sleep

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According to Princess Cruises’ seventh annual Relaxation Report, Americans are using their valuable vacation time for things that aren’t always vacation.  Boring things like running errands and yes, catching up on sleep.  72 percent of working Americans take at least one day off annually to sleep, and 40 percent take a full work week off to catch up on their zzz’s.

When they aren’t using that time to sleep, many Americans are trying to get things done.  68 percent say they’ve used a vacation day for family emergencies, doctor’s appointments, sick days for family members, home projects, and errands.  Last year, the number was only at 54 percent.  Vacation time, in essence, has become hard work for most Americans.

infographic: Princess Cruises
infographic: Princess Cruises

A whopping 91 percent say they look forward to sleeping on vacation, and over a third feel more stressed on vacation because they can’t put work out of their mind.  Princess Cruises is working hard to make sure their guests aren’t a part of that.  You may remember that they recently partnered with sleep experts to design the new Princess Luxury Bed, which guests have already been raving about.

Interestingly, it appears that working Americans in every region of the country except the midwest have a really hard time not feeling anxious during vacation.  As Princess puts it, “it’s clear that midwesterners have no problem relaxing.”  When it comes to gender differences, working women tend to feel more guilty about taking time to relax than men (48 percent vs 39 percent).

While keeping connected via tablets, smartphones, and computers used to be seen as a source of stress, it seems that the role has shifted.  53 percent of Americans feel their smartphone makes it easier to relax.

Make sure that you take the time to properly prepare for a vacation, whether it’s a cruise or some other adventure.  The more prepared you are, especially when it comes to leaving the office behind for a week or two, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your getaway.  After all, they don’t call it vacation for nothing!

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