Putting The “Adult” In Adults-Only Cruising

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Get ready to make a whole lot of “Love Boat” jokes as we tell you about a special charter cruise being offered this September aboard the Azamara Quest. Sailing round-trip from Venice, Italy, the 7-night Venice Foreplay is being billed as the first-ever, couples only, clothing optional Desire Cruise. Those who blush easily may want to stop reading now… assuming it’s not too late!

“A Journey Of The Senses”

According to the not-quite-safe-for-work website, the folks sponsoring the cruise have “careful selected amongst the most luxurious ships, magnificent destinations and attractive itineraries for a full sensory overload.” As one might expect, there will be “provocative entertainment” including “spicy signature theme nights,” couples workshops, pool parties, clothing-optional areas and playrooms described as “popular, provocative, erotic hotspots designed for guests to mix and mingle with other open-minded couples.”

No Pictures, Please!

Lest one think that this is going to be one big free-for-all, it’s important to note that there are definitely rules inplace. For example, the sponsors “ask that you use appropriate attire in all restaurants” and, knowing that playrooms can be exhausting, ask that “noise levels are kept to a minimum” after midnight. The discretion of those involved is a high priority, which means there is a strict policy against “taking photos or videos in any/all of the ship’s public areas.” That said, “Feel free to enjoy doing so in the privacy of your staterooms.”

Also, don’t be thinking that Doc or Gopher are there to fulfill your every desire! “It is a firm company policy,” reminds the website, “that all staff members are strictly forbidden from interacting intimately or drinking with guests.” Fans of Bravo’s reality show Below Deck Mediterranean will be forgiven if their minds immediately went to Danny, who has had a great deal of trouble following that particular rule this season!

For more on the adults-only sailing, see the not-entirely-safe-for-work website, found here.

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