Queen Mary 2 Crossing & Maitre d’ Insights

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Few ships over the past 8-9 years have received the worldwide attention and publicity that Queen Mary 2 has.

In 2003, When Queen Mary 2 (QM2) first set out on her sea trials, she was the culmination of directives initiated by Micky Arison and designed by Stephen Payne, the perfect man for the job, considering Payne was not only a ship designer but a fan of the old ocean liners of the past. The ship is a true legend.

Barry Vaudrin from Cruising Authority reviews his transatlantic crossing from New York City to Southampton. Barry talks about the food, experience, entertainment, and the quality of luxury that the Queen Mary 2 offers.

Any Carnival Cruise Line cruiser probably knows Ken Byrnes. He is a staple among Maitre d’s at sea. I had a chance to sit down with Ken and chat with him about his career and passion for singing.

Resources Mentioned 

  • Ken’s CD download on CD Baby
  • Barry’s video series of Queen Mary 2

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