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Reason 101 to Use a Travel Agent: Constant Training



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travel agentAnother reason why travel agents are so valuable is because of this news today: Carnival Cruise Lines revamps their travel agent training program.

The line enhanced its learning tools for travel agents with the launch of Carnival Passport, a new learning curriculum, including a video library and an educational catalog.

“Carnival Passport offers all of Carnival’s learning tools and activities in one easily accessible location and provides agents with the opportunity to earn credit by participating in those activities that make most sense for their particular business needs,” said Joni Rein, Carnival’s vice president of worldwide sales.

Through the Carnival Passport program, agents have the opportunity to advance through six levels: Fun Seeker, Extraordinary Explorer, Awesome Adventurer, Fantastic Voyager, Daring Discoverer and Grand Globetrotter.

New programs like this ensure that travel agents are most knowledgeable for their clients.

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