Reasons To Cruise: To Honor A Family Member

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3294944713 c1f8b800d0 In a timely post to its Inspired to Cruise blog, Princess Cruises has a new story featuring a woman who cruised to honor her father who had recently passed away.

In the story, “A Cruise in Honor of My Dad,” Carol Fiol of Lake Worth, Florida, tells how over the years her family kept talking about taking a cruise together, but never made the plans until her father became ill.

“A memory that always makes me smile is when I think about the time I took my children to a bon-voyage party off the pier of Manhattan. It was arranged by my father, who loved a party, to celebrate my parents’ cruise to Bermuda and show us how these cruise ships were so spectacular and a site to be seen,” blogs Fiol.

Although he passed away a few weeks before the planned voyage, the family cruised in his honor, and felt his presence on every deck.

“No one can convince me that his spirit was not sitting alongside me in the Explorer’s Lounge as the song, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” dad’s very favorite played,” continues Fiol.  “He was there all right, smiling, humming along to the music, enjoying the family cruise, just like we had dreamed about for all those 30 years.”

Read more on this 21st post of the year-long blog that is racking up reasons to go on a cruise vacation at Inspired To Cruise.


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