Record Breaking Temperatures in Florida

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Here in Jacksonville, Florida it has been just as bitterly cold. I wake up every morning at 3:45 to get ready for work and there is nothing like stepping outside and waiting for the car to warm up in sub-arctic temperatures! I find myself doing a dance sometimes outside my car while the car warms up (luckily no one is up that early).

Just to give you an idea of how cold it actually was around the state, check out these record breaking temperatures:

Miami: 37 F
Tampa: 25 F
Orlando: 29 F
Key West: 42 F
Tallahassee: 14 F
Jacksonville: 17 F

You can only imagine how this effected the power grids in all these communities across Florida (we usually has temps in the 60’s this time of year).

On Saturday night, I refused to go out. My digital thermometer on my porch said 27 F and that was at the beaches!  Okay, I will stop complaining. My best friend lives in Indianapolis and he has been getting dumped on with snow.

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