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Safely and Securely Connect During Your Travels



Packing your bags and taking a vacation is an exciting time in anyone’s life; however, those thrills can quickly turn to shrills if you find yourself in a traveling nightmare. Some of the biggest threats vacationers face when traveling from home to paradise are costly unexpected data charges, Internet censorship, and risky pubic Wi-Fi connections, among other things.

If you want to ensure you don’t fall victim to these threats, you should take the time to know how you can avert them, so you can avoid any unfortunate things from happening while enjoying your trip. The following infographic will give you a detailed overview of what to expect when connecting across the world, and reading it might save you from a hassle or two along the way.

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If not for anything else, remember to arm yourself with a Virtual Private Network during your trip. It could mean the difference between having a dream vacation and getting stuck in a whirlwind of misery.

Doug Parker is the producer and host of the Cruise Radio podcast and the daily Cruise Radio News briefs. Tune in where you listen to your favorite podcast.

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