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Welcome aboard reception.
Welcome aboard reception.

So a lot of people have asked what the days at sea are like aboard MSC Poesia. Very simple. Relaxing. I can appreciate a cruise line who doesn’t come on the PA system every five minutes saying bingo is here and the slot tournament is here.

Breakfast in the main cafeteria was nice. Everyone seems to bottle neck in the front of the main dining room. What people are slowly learning is that there are multiple buffet stations set up and that they run the full length of the ship. So what looks like a total mess, isn’t really at all.

The past couple of sea days have been windy and for that I haven’t been outside much. Actually the balcony is pretty windy too. I’m thankful that their washing our decks today because with all the salt on our balcony, things are starting to crystallize.

As I mentioned earlier, the ship is very quiet during sea days. The entertainment is down to dancing lessons by the pool, board games, some live music, bingo, crafts and a couple of lectures on ports we are going to.

Our second listener question is: How is the food in the main dining room?

Food is one thing that everyone has an opinion. For me, I haven’t had a bad meal yet. Our first night at sea was formal night so I went with blackened scallops with a side of prime rib and  last night was Italian night, I had lasagna. The beverage service is a little slow but no complaints in the food department from me or my table.

The welcome aboard reception was on the first formal night. I believe there are two formal nights on this sailing.

There is no ATM on the ship but if you need to get cash on here you can go get a surcharge-free advance on your sign and sail card. This way you avoid being fee’d to death with the ATMs. I guess with guest mix on this ships the ATM would have to spit out a few different types of tender.

We got to experience a medical emergency first hand last night and had to diver to Puerto Rico. You can read more about at that on the bottom of this article.


I already know what I am going to do with St. Maarten, have a friend in Puerto Rico and have been to Nassau a lot, so I haven’t taken advantage of any excursions on this sailing. From what I remember from a few years ago when I sailed this ship is they are fairly organized and affordable.

We have back to back St. Maarten and Puerto Rico the next two days.

So far I’m really liking the MSC Poesia.

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