Shore excursion booking site caters to cruise passengers

Viator excursion site.

San Francisco based excursion company Viator, Inc. recently expanded into the cruise market. Viator expects their prices to be up to 60% cheaper than the cruise lines excursion rates.

What makes this most appealing is their worry-free guarantee, if you miss the ship through one of their tours, they will pay your transfer to the next port of call, no matter where it is.

The new website – – features more than 500 shore excursions in over 80 of the most popular ports around the globe, including new destinations Juneau, Monaco and Mykonos.

All passengers need to do is select the cruise line, ship name and departure date, and Viator will instantly load the cruise ship’s itinerary and present only those excursions that can specifically work for each port of call based on arrival and departure times, and availability.

Specific features of the Viator Shore Excursions website include:

Easy search and booking, based on cruise ship’s itinerary. Just select a ship’s itinerary from thousands of options, and Viator will instantly sync and reveal only available shore excursions in their ports-of-call that match allowed shore times. For travelers who haven’t chosen their cruise yet, Viator enables searches by region and port as well.

Unique and more personalized experiences. Small group and private options or skip-the-line privileges, as well as exclusive, customizable tours led by Viator Private Guides let cruise travelers bypass large throngs of their shipmates and enjoy more private and customized experiences.

Multiple unique itineraries for a single group. Perhaps your parents would like a different experience than scuba diving – no problem. You can now create and book multiple itineraries for each member of your group – adults, kids, etc. – tailored to their interests in one transaction.

Viator’s Worry-Free bookings. Worried about missing your ship if you don’t book your excursion directly with the cruise line? Don’t be.  If a passenger misses the ship because of a Viator excursion, Viator will transport them to the next port of call at no cost to the traveler.

Guaranteed best prices in multiple currencies. In addition to savings up to 60% off, all shore excursions qualify for Viator’s low price guarantee.  If you find a lower price, Viator will refund the difference.   All tours can be booked in AUD, CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR.

Last minute availability. Whether from an estate room on an iPad or a mobile phone call to Viator’s call center, many of Viator’s excursions are available for purchase as late as the night before arrival in port.

Unbiased cruise traveler reviews, photos and star ratings. Browse hundreds of cruise traveler reviews and photos from actual Viator users that provide valuable first-person insights like this one from Bo, October 2011, regarding the Civitavecchia Rome in One Day Private Tour, “People on our cruise couldn’t believe all that we were able to do and see. Don’t miss this tour!”

Cruise passengers can enter code SHOREX10 for a 10% discount through April 30, 2012.

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