Smoke-Free Casino: Winning Bet Or Lost Cause?

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From the moment NCL’s Breakaway class ships debuted, many non-smokers (and even a few tokers) had a major beef with the placement of the casino and the effect smoking within the gaming room had on surrounding venues. In essence, because the casino is smack-dab in the heart of the ship’s lauded 678 Ocean Place entertainment center, smoke tends to waft into venues such as Le Bistro restaurant and other areas.

In response to this, Cruise Critic reports that the line’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Andy Stuart, said that their newest ship, Escape, would be retrofitted with a smoking section designed to help solve the issue. Stuart said they would be “putting aside a very large area that will be enclosed and fully ventilated.”

He added that “assuming there are no unintended consequences,” their other large ships (meaning Epic, Breakaway and Getaway) might get the same treatment.

Something tells us smokers and non-smokers alike will have an opinion on this development, so hit the comments section and let’s hear your thoughts! Is creating a non-smoking area within the casino a good idea? Are smokers, already finding themselves with increasingly limited places in which to partake while on board, going to feel as if they are once again being slapped on the wrists? Sound off below!

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