Stuck at Sea

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Imagine being in a 25 ft fishing boat, 130 miles from the coast of Cape Canaveral, Fla. , oh yeah and broke down — that wasn’t too far from reality for three men over the weekend. 

The Miami, Fla., base Carnival Cruise Lines had their ship the “Carnival Glory” heading back home from a seven day eastern Caribbean cruise when early Saturday morning when they spotted the distressed fishing boat. 

A passenger recalls the rescue on his personal posting on cruise critic dot com.

“I was sitting at the lido deck restaurant aft and was eating ice cream with friends. At this time, I glanced out the back windows and saw a light. A minute or so later it was gone…..  From the announcement made later, apparently they had gotten word of a vessel in distress in our area and the captain turned to go there. The light I saw was them signaling us. We kept lines up with them maybe 100 to 200 yards away with a spotlight on what looked like nothing more than a 20 or so foot inflatable. After a few minutes a lifeboat came around the bow of the ship and made its way out to the other boat. Then after a few more minutes, they came back around the glory and loaded the lifeboat back. Medical, security, the captain and several others met the 3 men on deck.”

A Carnival spokesman says the three men were loaded on the ship and were taken back to Cape Canaveral with the ship.  The ship later departed that afternoon for its next cruise. 

I couldn’t imagine being stuck out at sea and broke down … has to be the worst feeling.  Have you ever experienced a rescue at sea?



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