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Suites on a Cruise Ship



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This morning I saw a twitter message with my name on it so I checked it out.  The twitter message was someone telling their friends about Cruise Radio (which you should check out).  Turns out, they were planning a cruise and wondered what suites are like on a cruise ship… so here is my short answer:
Holland America Suite

Suite on Holland America

First off, a traditional stateroom offers your basic necessities. Bed, shower, and luggage storage.
The basic layout of a suite is pretty much the same no matter what cruise line you travel.  You will find a over abundance of square footage, most the time a balcony, a nice size bathroom and additional amenities that you didn’t even think you would need.  They all vary so you will want to check the cruise line that you are wanting to cruise with.  I have seen wet bars, hot tubs, lounge chairs, marble tile bathrooms, and large couches in suites. Some suites can even accommodate up to 14 passengers!  
As an added value, some cruise lines give folks different areas of access during the stay in a suite that would not be available to the passengers in traditional staterooms.  For example:  Holland America will give you exclusive access to their Neptune lounge when in a suite.  Carnival Cruise Lines give you access to fitness classes.  Cunard, who has always stuck to class separation which would give you access to your own restaurants and lounges. 
There are some great resources online if you would like to dig deeper. If you would like to add anything, please comment. 🙂
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