5 Cool Photo Apps to Use on Your Next Cruise

If you’re like me you’ll want to take a lot of photos when heading out on your cruise vacation, and since disposable cameras seem to be out the window with the Walkman, many people are turning to their smartphone for quality pictures. The iPhone and most new smart phones take great high-resolution images. In my […]

Celebrity Cruises updates their Celebrity Xplorer smartphone app

Good news for you smartphone app junkies, Celebrity Cruises just updated their free Celebrity Xplorer app to version 2.0. Those interested in a Celebrity Cruise vacation can now view current fares, place a vacation on hold, or even complete your booking. Also added to the update are destinations, more stateroom and ship details, and photos […]

Did You Gain Weight On Your Cruise? Tips For Next Time

If you have tried all the normal suggestions; use the stairs instead of the elevators, stay away from the buffets, and continue exercising at sea as you would on land but still gained weight on a cruise (and had a problem with that, many people don’t), this post is for you.  Those commonly suggested ideas […]

Tips for traveling with smart devices

This article was contributed by the CEO of TripInsurance, Dan Skilken Travelers are using more electronic devices on airplanes. It used to be that travelers would break out their iPods or smart phones once the “fasten seat belt sign” was extinguished, but now I am seeing a plethora of Nook, Kindles, iPads, and other electronic […]