10 Tips For Disembarking a Cruise

It’s the final morning of your cruise.  Disembarkation day has arrived.  Before you go on your cruise and realize you really don’t know what this process entails, take a look at these tips.


  1. Learn the disembarkation policy the day before
  2. Don’t pack your passport in your luggage – make sure you pack it in a small bag you’ll have with you the whole time
  3. Carry your own luggage off – a good reason to pack light for your cruise
  4. Bring a book (or table or smartphone) to read during the wait
  5. Be patient – customs agents have an important job to do and sometimes the line can get a little bit held up
  6. Have your customs form filled out and ID ready
  7. Eat an early breakfast – this can help you avoid the rush; for disembarkation as well as in the dining area
  8. Leave your room early – this helps you avoid bottlenecking in the hallways
  9. Use the stairs – most people will be using the elevators
  10. Keep the line flowing


These are a few tips that I have found useful over the past several years.  For a relaxing, stress-free end to your vacation, make sure you’re ready for disembarkation!

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