Introducing the Carnival “Fun Hub”: What’s New?

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We were talking last night about technology on cruise ships these days and how much it has changed over the years. If you think about sailing ten years ago, it was almost unheard of to have cell phone service on deck one of a cruise ship or wi-fi internet access though-out the whole ship.  I was making mention that nowadays you can use your cell phone at sea, internet, and about Carnivals new interactive social networking portal on the ship called ‘Fun Hub.’

That’s when the question came up: What is a Fun Hub?

Carnival Cruise Lines is taking seagoing technology to new levels with their first ever, on board social network. Picture it like a face book page but with unrestricted access for 3,000 passengers.

Let’s go into more detail…. There are 36 ‘fun hub’ terminals throughout the Carnival Dream, which are nothing but computer terminals (Decks 3,4,5, and 12).

These hubs will provide the guest with free access to the ships happenings through a ship specific intranet portal (access through you laptop is also allowed too).

If you don’t have a laptop and don’t feel like waiting for a terminal, laptop note books are available for free when you buy certain internet packages.

So whats the hype?

Guest are allowed to create a personal profile, create and receive messages with other passengers, talk in the onboard forums, invite friends to attend shows, and a few more bells and whistles…. all to meet folks onboard.  When I was on the ship the other day, I got to use it. I thought it was very easy to use and even if you are not that internet techie.. you shouldn’t have a problem.

It’s not only for social networking though…..

The portal will also be used for weather updates, info on the next port of call, ship announcements, biographies of ships key staff, 3-D ship maps, interactive polls, and a FAQ section. I think its brilliant to implement this on board social networking feature, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I have wondering if someone on the ship had the same interests as me.

Sometimes it’s great to step outside your normal crowd. What are your thoughts?

(photo credit: Andy Newman)

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