Thugs Invade Disney Cruise Line!

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If ever there was a line that took the adage “Go big, or go home!” to heart, it would have to be Disney Cruise Line. So it should come as no surprise that even as they are debuting “Tangled: The Musical” aboard the Disney Magic, the imagineers responsible for such nifty innovations as the “Star Wars” play area are making it possible for guests to step into the show they just saw.

On nights Rapunzel and her pals perform, guests are invited to swing by the venue normally known as O’Gill’s Pub, which transforms for the evening into The Snuggly Duckling. It’s family-friendly between shows, and adults-only after the second performance of “Tangled.” For those not in the know, the adorably named establishment is actually where many of the ruffians and thieves who call the kingdom of Corona home tend to hang out.

Fans of the animated feature will recognize some of the décor, such as the banner hanging above the bar and proclaiming “Slug a thug and get a free mug!” Look for special activities to be incorporated as well moving forward.

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