Cruise Gratuity – Cash is King

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On the elliptical at the gym I just saw a blurb about cruising on CNN and it made my mind wander….

My first few cruises I would always would tip the staff on the ship through my on board sail account until recently…….

The folks that work day in and day out bust their butt on the ship. I know they get free room, board, and meals but like us, they also have families back home.

I am going to go out on the limb and say I am weary that when I give gratuity on my sail account because I am not 100% sure my waiter, attendant, etc, is getting that whole amount.  That is just my thought and could be totally wrong thinking that. Unless you get vouchers in return for the gratuity to put in the envelopes.

In my travels I have noticed the occasional cash tip throughout the cruise will get you a little extra splash of liquor or priority service at a pool side bar or in a lounge.

Even if you prepay your gratuities, it never hurts to bring a few extra dollar bills for some extra service. Just don’t waste those dollars in the casino… they always win!! ha

One instance that stands out is when I asked for some ice for a 12 pack I bought, gave a five dollar bill to the steward and he came back with a igloo cooler full of ice!  Just to prove even in small ways, cash is king.

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