Tips to Enjoy Your Cruise Vacation

1459228_10152063512250513_102523942_nCruises are meant to be fun and relaxing. Being on a large ship or in a foreign port can help you to let your hair down and live a little, but you don’t want to be that person who puts a damper on other people’s enjoyment of their vacation.

Here are some tips to make sure that you enjoy your cruise without inadvertently becoming a pesky guest.

Time Considerations

Though a cruise is a holiday and you’re entitled to a lie-in or a linger, remember that there are many things that are scheduled, such as dinner hours, shows and off-shore excursions. Seating assignments for dinner are meant to help cruisers interact and mingle. Please be considerate of your dinner companions and be on time.

Shows are presented to provide on-board entertainment, and the same rules of etiquette apply to these attractions on a ship as they do at any theater, with one exception: cruise ship performance seating is on a first come basis. If you’re planning to see the show with a large group, either arrive together or expect to sit separately; it’s inappropriate to reserve an entire row of seating.

It should go without saying that when you stop at a port of call, you should arrive back at the ship at the appointed time; it won’t wait for you.

Dress for Success

There is a dress code for many on-ship scenarios, both formal and informal. Formally, certain dress is expected for dinners, shows and casinos. Many cruise lines also prohibit shorts and bathing suits in the dining room. You cruise guide should designate the dress code for events and meals, so pack appropriately before you come on board. Informally, it is as inappropriate to walk the decks in your bedclothes or bathrobe on a cruise ship as it is at a hotel or any other public place.

Space Limitations

A cruise ship is almost like a floating city. Depending on the size of the ship, there can be as little as 300 passengers, or as many as 3,000 or more. Elevators gather crowds after meals and shows. Don’t push; if the wait is too long or the area is too crowded, opt for the stairs. Reserving or using the poolside lounge chairs for an entire day is also an inconsiderate act. Enjoy the sun for a few hours, and then let someone else have a turn.

Large ship populations also mean that space is at a premium in passageways, and often there are hundreds of cabins in close proximity. Be mindful that walls are thin, and the entire sleeping deck can likely hear doors slamming shut, especially in the wee hours of the morning. If you’re traveling with children, also make sure to keep them from roaming the halls or running around crowded dining areas. A vacation doesn’t mean that you temporarily abdicate your parental responsibility.

Following basic rules of etiquette, consideration for others and basic common sense will help all aboard have an enjoyable experience. Royal Holiday cruise vacations are an example of how to have an ideal holiday experience with a company that’s been around long enough to know how to show you a good time. If you like to have a relaxing vacation with a nice mix of structure, entertainment and a little free time to explore the various ports of call, a professional cruise company is just the ticket.

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