10 Ridiculous Things Asked During the Muster Drill

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There’s one in every crowd. You know him, because you’ve sat by him or been married to him or, heck, maybe you even are him: The guy who asks the weird questions during the required lifeboat drill. We sort of assume that guy is kidding when he asks bizarre questions, but you never know… perhaps some of these off-the-wall questions we’ve heard on recent sailings were serious!

10. “We were told we didn’t need to bring our lifejackets to the drill… but what happens if the emergency we’re preparing for happens while we’re at the drill without them?”

9. “If the lifeboat is unsinkable, why don’t they just make the boat out of the same material?”

8. “Shouldn’t there be hot dogs served at a mustard drill?”

7. “Do the lifeboats have wi-fi?”

6. “Do we need a reservation for the lifeboat, or will they page us when our seat is ready?”

5. “My wife says I need to grow up. Does that mean I’m included in the whole ‘Women and children first’ thing?”

4. “Why can’t we take the lifeboats to the private island when the seas are too rough for the tenders to dock?”

3. “If the boat sinks, what happens to all our stuff?”

2. “Would it be possible to arrange for my mother-in-law to be in a different lifeboat than me?”

And our all-time favorite question, legitimate or not, asked during a muster drill is…

1. “Are there bartenders on the lifeboats?”

featured photo courtesy of Colorado Sands on Flickr.

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