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My dropped iPhone.

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare – breaking an electronic device hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. That worst nightmare was my life over the weekend when I was vacationing in Tampa and dropped my iPhone walking into a Kenny Chesney concert. When I say I dropped my iPhone, I mean part of my phone looks like a spider web.

Not having the AT&T insurance forced me to do some research on what could have been if I’d had some type of third party phone protection. What exactly would it cover? I asked Dan Skilken, CEO of, about their electronics and camera coverage and it was a lot better than I thought. Even though Trip is primarily trip travel insurance, their electronic and camera policy covers you on the road or at home.

I also wanted to get clarification on cracked screens because some companies consider that cosmetic damage and won’t cover. Dan told me, “Any damage from dropping the phone — like a broken screen — is covered.  The only thing not covered is slight cosmetic damage like scratches on the case.”

You only need a serial number to register your electronic device.  You can cover a product at any time – not just within 30 days of a purchase like other warranties. iPhone 4s coverage starts at $86 per year.

While my vacation wasn’t ruined because of a cracked iPhone, it’s definitely making me reconsider buying a policy for all my electronic gear.

Always consider travel insurance (or electronic insurance) before you leave on your next trip.

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