Travel Insurance: Hurricane Season

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Hurricanes and storms are a big concern for travellers. It’s one of the top reasons people buy travel insurance. A bad storm can lead to all sorts of problems for travellers – flight delays, cancellations, could even leave your vacation spot in pretty bad shape. Travel insurance can help you get your money back when these things happen.

But the key is to buy early. Insurance is designed to cover unforeseen events. So if a storm is even on the weather map, you can’t buy insurance. It’s just too late. The best advice is to buy insurance when you make your first trip payment. If you’re concerned about weather-related issues affecting your travel plans, look for a comprehensive plan on Insure My Trip that offers reimbursement if your trip gets delayed or cancelled. And if you have questions, we have the top customer care professionals in the industry – all licensed insurance agents who are here to help.

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