Travel Insurance: Norovirus and Medical Evacuation

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Norovirus is a pretty contagious and sometimes dangerous stomach bug. Earlier this year, norovirus tore through a cruise ship leaving more than 600 passengers sick. So it’s a really big concern for cruisers. And cruise lines rarely offer much more than a voucher when this happens whereas travel insurance can really help you out, especially if your cruise is postponed, cut short or cancelled.

For example, maybe you were stuck in your cabin for a few days and basically lost two days of your vacation after being quarantined. You can put in a claim for that or if you miss out on an excursion that you already paid for.

Travel insurance can also help if you need medical care on the ship. It will also cover you if you need to be taken to a hospital or in an extreme case, the insurance will pay to fly you home for more advanced care.

We offer a vast array of comprehensive travel insurance packages that can offer benefits if the norovirus hits your cruise.

Medical Evacuation

This is a scary scenario where travel insurance can help. We offer plans with emergency medical evacuation coverage, either on a stand alone basis or included in comprehensive or medical travel insurance plans.

This coverage is designed to transport ill or injured travellers to a medical facility or even home. Without travel insurance, the cost of these types of evacuations can easily exceed $50,000 or even $150,000, depending on your location and where you need to be taken for care. The only way to cover this type of medical transportation is with these types of travel insurance plans.

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