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How My Trip Insurance Company Helped Me



Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.26.48 PMLate last month I headed over to Barcelona to board Carnival Sunshine for a 16-night transatlantic cruise. While everything was already paid for well in advance, I had the option to purchase travel insurance, which I did for $36 additional.

The coverage included:

  • Non-emergency medical benefits
  • Pre-existing condition waiver
  • Trip cancelation or interruption
  • Benefits for airline cancelation

While all that coverage was excellent, there was one priceless service that my trip insurance company offered, a warning of a public transportation strike in Barcelona. Luckily, the company who I booked my policy through,, has an e-travel alerts program that advises you when something goes awry in the country or destination you’re traveling to. I happened to get that email a couple days before I boarded my flight.

In my case it was the rail workers in Europe were staging a series of strikes effective October 31, the day I was scheduled to land. I wasn’t affected by the strike but some passengers aboard Carnival Sunshine were. I asked them if they had a travel insurance policy and then told them about mine and the alerts I received.

They told me that the strike affected one of every three trains in Barcelona and they had to wait an extra long time. I didn’t want to risk it so I canceled my day trip to the winery and hung around the hotel and did some work.

Moral of the story. Before you make an investment of $1,000s of dollars, make sure you have all your bases covered. Europe is known for their public transportation workers going on strike and if it wasn’t for my alert from, I’d have never known. So I tip my hat to, once again they saved my butt.

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