Triumph Talk: A Passenger’s Photo Story

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As the Carnival Triumph inches closer to Mobile, Alabama, her passengers have been reaching out and starting to share their experiences aboard the disabled liner though social media.

Instagram user Kaitlyn Robertson shared these photos earlier today of life onboard the Triumph the last few days and gave us permission to post them and share with you (The captions are hers too)!

This was just half of the deck! Everyone watching and excited for even a simple helicopter
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
This was the Carnival Elation that was the first ship to bring us food and supplies. Everyone was really excited!
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
This was one of the discovered only working outlets so people put their power strips together and we made a huge charging station!
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
A little dark but this is what we call tent city. It got so hot in the rooms that everyone started bringing their beds to sleep on the deck!
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
You can see the emotional distress!
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
These were the hallways by the elevators because its so hot in the room.
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson
Never. Ever. Board. This. Ship.
Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Robertson

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