Unveiling the Best Cruise Routes Along the American Coastline

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For some people, cruising is a way of life. For others, it’s a dream that may one day be fulfilled. Some people just need that little push to take the first steps on their adventure.

They may require some guidance about how to plan a cruise trip. For those people, it’s helpful to assess the American cruise landscape and decide which spots appeal to them. Something that many first-time cruisers need to consider is that the trip can extend beyond the ship. That’s why it’s important to think about the port cities and towns you’ll be stopping at along the way. You can even plan side adventures when the boat is in the harbor.

Exploring the American Cruise Landscape

port of san diego california
(Photo courtesy of the Port of San Diego)

The USA has the largest global cruise market and rakes in more than $9.3 billion yearly, thanks to the incredibly diverse coastline. It spans the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, meaning there are diverse options for different travelers’ tastes.

For example, cruisers can head to California for its sun-soaked shores, or they can opt for the mesmerizing beauty of New England on the other side of the peninsula.

For people who like the sound of the eastern enchantment that North America has to offer, various cruise routes set off from New York and travel to Canada’s Maritime province, including Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These coastal towns offer rustic charm but also provide an opportunity to see the ocean at its fullest force. For instance, the Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides on the planet that can rise and fall by up to 53 feet.

For cruisers who prefer more sunshine and warmth on their vacation, venturing to the country’s southern region could be the best option. Some of the most popular cruises go through the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. These cruise lines offer an excellent opportunity to discover new cultures and experience world-famous tropical cuisine. There are even chances to dive among the stunning underwater worlds of coral reefs.

southernmost point key west florida
Southernmost Point of the United States in Key West (Photo courtesy of Pixabay/paulbr75)

Unsurprisingly, because there’s such an eclectic array of activities available for tourists on Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico-based cruises, these routes attract 35% of all cruise passengers annually. Nonetheless, the west coast of the USA boasts some amazing cruise adventures that travelers should also consider. This is the Pacific Ocean side, giving off a different vibe to the east coast. You can journey up to the Alaskan wilderness and the famous Californian coast. Seeing the glaciers in the frozen north is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your breath away.

How to Explore Port Cities with Ease

Wester Part of the United States
Traveling through the western part of the United States.

Seeing the shoreline and enjoying life at sea is a big part of the joy of cruising, but it’s not the only thing people do when they go on these holidays. Some first-time cruisers don’t seem to realize that the trip spans way beyond the ocean, and a major part of it is exploring the various towns and harbors that the ship docks in. This aspect of the holiday also takes some planning and preparation because it can be extremely rewarding to make the most of these stops and explore new places.

Sometimes, you’ll have a whole day to spend off the boat, and, in these circumstances, renting a car to cover as much ground as possible makes sense. It’s worth looking before you arrive and booking in advance as there are discount codes for a range of car rentals if you look online. You must pay upfront and use the codes on the offer to receive the corresponding promotions.

Having the convenience of a car when you’re set free on land will make a massive difference. You’ll be able to experience the coast from both the ocean and land flexibly. California, for instance, is famous for its rolling sea-view roads. Alternatively, driving off the boat in places like Maine would allow you to go inland and see all the forests and mountains.

If you want to make the most of your cruise holiday, having a detailed itinerary is crucial to maximizing your time. It’s also important to consider what kind of trip you want, as the U.S.A. has a huge amount of diversity for these trips. There are loads of great tips for first-time cruisers worth checking out.

Best Cruise Routes Along the American Coastline

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