Video shows reef damage caused by cruise ship grounding in Bahamas

MSC Poesia sitting on top of the reef. (photo: YouTube)

Nothing new has surfaced with the grounding of MSC’s 93,000-ton ship MSC Poesia over the weekend, except the below video.

The video, which was taken from a dive excursion operator, shows what the ship did to the reef as it plowed into it just off the Coast of Grand Bahamas Island.

The reef is in 16’ of water. The MSC Poesia requires at least 30’ to operate safely.

Video footage:

(Video taken from FredgbScuba YouTube)

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3 Responses

  1. Of course this was a sad event, as was the tragic oil spill in the gulf… What I am most amazed by though is that this reporter gives no mention of the passengers or crew.. Or the tug boats that worked all day to free the ship… It’s so easy to focus on the negative things.. We have become oh so too good at doing that… Let’s look at this from a different perspective and say ‘thank you’ that the passengers and crew are safe, and thank you that there were people who could help in such an emergency and thank you that the ship did not sustain any more damage than it did. That should be the positive information one writes about… That’s what people should read.. Something that makes them feel ‘good’, not something to play on their sympathy. Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. So we should just ban all cruises now? It was an accident and the reef will come back MR Scuba man!

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