Warning: You Might Be A Cruise Addict If…

There are people who like cruising, people who love cruising and then… well, and then there’s you. Cruising isn’t just something you do once a year, it’s what you think about pretty much all the time. When you’re not on a cruise, you’re planning one, whether for yourself or someone else. How to tell if you’re a cruise addict? Chances are, you already know… but just in case, read through this list and see how many times you wind up saying, “Yup… that’s me!” Then hit the comments and let us know what signs of addiction we might have missed! Ready? You might be a cruise addict if…

You might be a cruise addict if:

… you spent four weeks writing a 10,000 word review after getting home from your last trip.

… you call your family to dinner by singing the “Washy, Washy” song.

… you’ve spent so much money in the casino that your face is on a $50 chip.

… you know exactly how many points separate each tier of every line’s loyalty program and what the rewards granted at each landmark are. Of course, you’re at the highest level!

… you feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of the words “priority embarkation.”

… you are monitoring at least 12 different cruises for price-drops at any given time.

… you will charge anything and everything to your credit card if it means you’ll get 100 bucks in onboard credit.

… you know not only the name of your own cabin steward, but those of all your traveling companions.

… you always say “port” and “starboard” instead of “left” and “right.”

… you have been banned from more than one group for vigorously defending the reputation of a favorite ship.

… you’ve organized a slot pull, a meet & greet and a cabin crawl, all on the same voyage.

… you’ve been known to wistfully sigh and wax poetic about the days of midnight buffets and lobster nights.

How do you know YOU’RE a cruise addict? Hit the comments and let us know!

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