We Demand a Cruise Refund!

Here at Cruise Radio, we get a lot of questions and comments from readers. Given that without you, we’d just be sitting here talking to ourselves, it seemed only right that we answer some of your questions! So let’s kick off our first session by responding to an email from someone wanting a cruise refund.

The Cruiser Writes

“We just returned from our honeymoon cruise aboard a Carnival ship. A couple hours before we were supposed to drop anchor in Grand Cayman, the captain came on the loudspeaker and said the weather was too rough to operate the tenders and that we would spend the day at sea instead. I booked this cruise because my now-husband is an avid diver and wanted to dive Devil’s Grotto. But no…. we were forced to stay on the ship, my husband missed his dive and it ruined our honeymoon. The cruise line should have known about this weather before we left, and we would not have taken the cruise if they’d informed us. We want a cruise refund!”

Not So Fast…

This is both tough and easy. Tough, because a part of us wants to say that if one missed stop on an itinerary ruined your honeymoon, someone’s not doing something right! But easy because every cruise line knows that job No. 1 at all times is to put the safety of the passengers first. This might sometimes upset or even anger folks when ports are skipped or itineraries are changed, but the alternative is people potentially being injured or even dying if the wrong decision is made. That’s why every cruise contract stipulates that, at their discretion and without warning, itineraries might be skipped. Since the writer mentioned they were on a Carnival cruise, let’s look at what that lines contract specifically says:

According to Carnival Cruise Line’s ticket contract:

“The Guest acknowledges that the cruise may be booked in a location that is susceptible to severe weather systems, including but not limited to, hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions, and that Carnival reserves the right to alter the ship’s course, ports of call, itinerary, activity and shore excursions to avoid such weather systems and insure the comfort and safety of the Guest and crew.”

Safety First

In the specific case mentioned in the letter, the ship opted against using tenders to transport guests to the private island. For those who might not know, tendering is the process by which a small boat is used to ferry passengers back and forth from a port which does not have a pier at which they can dock. The reason inclement weather sometimes impacts these plans is pretty simple: If there are big waves at play, the ship could quite easily wind up colliding with the smaller tendering vessel. Likewise, a wave could cause the ramps which are generally used to shepherd guests from the larger ship to the smaller boat to become dislodged.

Final Thoughts

As for the cruise line’s ability to predict the weather, anyone who’s ever found themselves caught in an unexpected storm without an umbrella knows that Mother Nature is not always entirely forthcoming with her plans.

Generally speaking, when lines cancel itineraries, any charges associated with the stop — such as shore excursions — are returned. Sometimes, the line will also opt to offer guests on-board credit or something else in return for the inconvenience, but this is done at their discretion.

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7 Responses

  1. If it was too rough to use tenders, it was too rough to use dive boats. If it is too rough for boats it is too rough for shore dives. Heavy underwater surge and breaking waves making entrance and exit of the water very dangerous. Who knows the dives may have been cancelled for safety reason due to the rough weather.

  2. This gal doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. I hate it when people state, “Read the contract!” but in this case it would be the correct answer and it is common knowledge (I hope) that cruise lines can’t guarantee the ship will be able to get to a particular port. Jayss raised a good point…if the seas were too rough for a large ship then the dive boat wouldn’t be able to go out.

    Regardless, I feel for the husband. If a newly wed wife thinks the actions of a cruise ship “ruined” her cruise and honeymoon they have bigger problems than not being able to dive.

  3. “Ruined our honeymoon…” Oh, please. Drama Queen. If that ruins your honeymoon, then you weren’t doing the honeymoon part of it right.

    I’d pay to skip Grand Cayman, myself. But, to each their own, tell us how your refund quest works out after you read your cruise contract.

    By the way, look up Copernicus, you need to make sure you understand about where you are in the order of what orbits what.

  4. She said, “The cruise line should have known about this weather before we left, and we would not have taken the cruise if they’d informed us.” This is ridiculous. The Captain wouldn’t have known the conditions at GC until, maybe, when they left. Would she have forfeited her cruise fare and not boarded? It takes all kinds.

  5. We did a family vacation cruise to the Mediterranean cruise on Carnival back in 2006. Due to 16 ft swells at Livorno, an open port, the Captain felt someone could be seriously hurt if we docked. Instead, a sea day. Livorno is the port for Pisa and Florence, so we missed our excursion. Carnival promptly refunded the excursion and gave all passengers a $25.00 “itinerary change” credit. Were we disappointed? Of course. Did we feel like it ruined our vacation? not at all. Still one of the most memorable cruises we’ve had.

  6. Eeks – Ruined the honeymoon – Wow – Just celebrated our 25th and I can’t imagine that a single dive in GM would have ‘ruined” my honeymoon. First world problem. Part of travel is understanding that the elements are part of the experience. It poured our first day in Tahiti – we just basked in the liquid sunshine. Hell you got an extra day to spend together on the ship and enjoy all the facilitiies – Hope that Hubby and You took advantage and had a nice couples massage or went back to the room for some room service and wellll……How terrible you had to spend some extra time together. End sarcasm. I know it can be dissapointing but you will get to dive lots more and this was certainly not the Cruise Lines fault at all.

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