Swimming with Pigs in the Caribbean

Unless you or someone you know has been to the Exuma islands in the Bahamas, we’re betting you didn’t know that pigs could swim.  But they’re there, on the uninhabited (by people!) island called Big Major Cay, and tourists and media alike have fallen head over heels for the cute swimming pigs.

Everyone has fun swimming in eco-friendly swimwear and playing in the crystal clear water with the cute pigs and their little piglets.

The Exumas is an archipelago of 365 islands in the Bahamas, located only 40 minutes from Florida. No one knows how the pigs ended up on the island of Big Major Cay, but there are some legends and rumors surrounding it.  Some think maybe Columbus brought them over on his second journey to the New World.  Others think perhaps it was pirates or a shipwreck that somehow brought the pigs there.  Either way, they are the ruling creatures of the island, and swimming with pigs has become an enormous tourist attraction.

The swimming pigs live on the sandy beaches and are quite friendly with tourists that feed them.  They’ll even swim out to tour boats to greet their visitors!  Everyone has fun swimming and playing in the crystal clear water with the cute pigs and their little piglets, and there is a variety of companies that offer excursions to Big Major Cay for that very reason. Unfortunately, it isn’t a cruise excursion, yet!

GIV Bahamas, Inc. and Charlie Smith have created a short documentary film about the pigs called When Pigs Swim.  Watch the film preview below!

For more information, visit bahamas.com/swimmingpigs.

Video courtesy of When Pigs Swim.

Featured photo courtesy of Flickr/R. Fighter.

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