Windstar Cruises Adds All-Inclusive Pricing Option

windstar cruises yachts multiple ships

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Windstar Cruises has announced that it will be adding an all-inclusive cruise fare option on top of its regular base fare that guests are used to paying.

“In an effort to be more in line with other luxury offerings in the cruise industry, particularly with the rollout of our newly transformed all-suite Star Plus Class yachts, we’re now giving the option of an all-inclusive price for all of our sailings,” said Windstar President Christopher Prelog.

“We didn’t want to take away the à la carte option from guests who enjoy going that way. We want our guests to have the choice based on their preference, what they need on board, and their general vacation philosophy.”

windstar cruises yachts multiple ships
Two Windstar yachts at sea (Photo courtesy of Windstar Cruises)

The all-inclusive prices are now listed on Windstar’s website, as well as per-person base fares. For Windstar, all-inclusive means unlimited wine, beer, and cocktails; wifi; all gratuities; and the cruise fare.

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The option will be available on all of the line’s vessels, including its Wind Class yachts.

“We thought about only offering the all-inclusive fare on the newly transformed Star Plus Class yachts,” said Prelog. “But after talking and listening to our repeat guests and valued Travel Advisors, we found some like to go à la carte and only purchase amenities as they go. After discussing internally, we all came to the same conclusion – why not offer both on all our yachts? We offer a choice between sailing yachts and all-suite yachts, and now a la carte or all-inclusive. That seems to fit the Windstar brand.”

wind spirit windstar cruises
Wind Spirit in Tahiti (Photo courtesy of Windstar Cruises)

Currently, Windstar Cruises is requiring that all guests and crew be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Starting January 1, the line’s policies will include a free antigen test at the pier prior to embarkation.

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