Our Wish List for Norwegian’s New Cruise Ships

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This week, rumors began circling that Norwegian Cruise Line is about to order a few new ships from the famed builders at Fincantieri. Because of this, we couldn’t help thinking about what we’d love to see onboard the potential ships. Take a look at what came to our minds, then hit the comments to let us know what you’d love to see!

1. Smaller Ships

Sooner or later, the “bigger is better” trend is going to come to an end. As big fans of Norwegian’s Jewel class ships such as Gem and Pearl, we’d love to see them scaling back on the size for at least one or two ships, focusing instead on something more intimate.

2. Flexibility, Port Wise

Many of Norwegian’s latest ships have been constructed and designed with very specific ports in mind. For example, Breakaway was designed to sail out of New York City, while the upcoming Joy is specifically being aimed at the Chinese ports of Shanghai and Beijing. Most other lines opt for ships which aren’t port-specific, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling… and more options for people who always choose to sail out of the same port.

3. Unique Dining Venues

You’ll never, ever hear us complain about a meal in Norwegian’s signature steakhouse, Cagney’s, or getting to nosh on the free wings at O’Sheehan’s. But they’ve raised the bar with venues such as Food Republic and Bayamo, each of which currently can be found aboard Norwegian Escape. Yes, some passengers will complain about being “nickel-and-dimed” whenever a for-fee restaurant is added, but nobody is suggesting main dining rooms be taken away, let alone the other free offerings.

4. Adult’s-Only Pools

On most of Norwegian’s larger ships, there are two adults-only areas (one which is free to everyone, and another which offers access to a limited number of guests for a daily or weekly fee). While both feature hot tubs (and the free areas have an additional water feature), neither offers a pool. We’d love to see Norwegian take a page from Carnival, whose Serenity area aboard ships such as the Vista and Sunshine are the closest thing to heaven at sea, this side of the Pearly Gates.

5. Enclosed Casinos

While many folks dream of smoke-free casinos, one of the most common complaints on modern cruise ships is that the smoke from the gambling areas winds up permeating venues surrounding it. This can be particularly problematic on ships like Breakaway, where the casino is part of a three-level entertainment complex known as 678 Ocean Plaza. Because the casino is not enclosed, smoke winds up drifting down to Le Bistro, which happens to have a lovely, cafe-like seating area that non-smokers avoid due to the smell.

When Norwegian beings working on their new ships, what features would you like to see incorporated?

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