You can’t have that iron onboard, SIR.

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Yes, that’s what I was told in June. I should have known and wasn’t even thinking……. so shame on me. When I didn’t have my luggage by 6 pm and we have been underway for two hours I started getting concerned. My first thought — they found the booze!

After speaking to the room attendant, I was told to go down to deck one and talk to security…. the nervousness started to kick in.  After walking down five flights of stairs to the bottom of the ship, I found my luggage in a pile, with a lot of others. When asked how I could be helped, I told the security officer that “my luggage is missing but its right there.”  There was a tag on the luggage with the letter “I” on it.  Crap, they found my iron!! Luckily, nothing else 😮  After going and getting the iron out of the luggage, they confiscated it, told me I could get it back from security at the port when we got back.  It was a 12 dollar iron, they could have it! Not worth my troubles, especially being probably being hungover the morning we got back into port!

The moral of the story, don’t bring an iron on board the ship. Its not safe and with reason. The rooms are small and as you can imagine it wouldn’t take anytime at all to get a chain reaction of burning going. The ships will have irons for your use in the laundromats onboard.

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