5 Reasons to Use Cruise Ship Luggage Tags

A few years ago, the cruise lines used to send cruise luggage tags to put on your bags. They were strong, sturdy, and almost impossible to get off.

These days, cruise luggage tags are just a piece of paper we print from our home computer. If not done right, these paper tags can rip off and send our bag to an unknown abyss. I found these Cruise Ship Luggage Tags while surfing the web, so I bought them – and I love them.

Why Cruise Ship Luggage Tags?

1. Designed for E-docs

The plastic luggage tags are designed specifically for cruise line e-documents. All you have to do is print, fold, and slide it into the plastic sleeve.

2. Removes Risk

Thankfully I’ve only fallen victim to my bag not making it to my room once. That’s because when I stapled the tag to my luggage it fell off on the luggage cart. Luckily the bag still made it onto the ship and I got to claim it at lost and found.

I wasn’t alone, there were a dozen other guests with the same luck.

3. Looks Professional

Not that we care what people think of us on vacation, but it looks better when your bag tag is organized in a nice plastic sleeve. In fact, a lot of travel agents are sending clients cruise ship luggage tags to give them a more professional look.

4. No More Tape

I’ve done it dozens of times – sitting in the hotel lobby asking them to borrow their stapler and their tape to make my homemade baggage-tag laminate. Next thing you know, I’ve gone through their whole roll of tape on only two bags.

5. Reusable

The luggage tags can be used over and over again without having to worry about getting new ones.

Final Thoughts

In recent cruises, I’m seeing a lot of cruisers telling me that their travel agents are purchasing them the baggage tags when they mail them their documents.

Are these cruise ship luggage tags for everyone? No. Some people will still wrap their tags in tape or get their bag tagged by the porter at the cruise pier.

For me, I’m all about time efficiency, and luggage tags serve a much better purpose than those flimsy paper tags now supplied by cruise lines. It’s very easy to use and it’s durable.

Read more about Cruise Ship Luggage Tags here.


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