7 Small Items You’ll Be Glad You Packed

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Let’s say right up front that the vast majority of folks tend to over-pack for their vacations. And while we’re big believers in traveling as light as possible, if only because space can be limited in many cabins, we’d like to suggest a few items — seven, to be exact — which are pretty easy to shove into your luggage and could prove incredibly useful during your trip!

1. Highlighters

photo: flickr/photosteve101
photo: flickr/photosteve101

These are great for marking up the dailies to make sure you don’t miss any of the activities you definitely want to hit. Better still, bring several colors so that each family member can makes notes on — and easily recognize — their own things-to-hit list!

2. Febreeze

After an evening in the smoke-filled casino, break out your little spray bottle to spritz your clothing before hanging them in the closet. Not only will this do a surprisingly good job of freshening up your duds, but it’ll also help prevent everything you own from smelling like smoke!

3. Airborne

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you’re going to come into contact with germs on your trip. And there’s a darn good chance that at least a few of your fellow passengers are going to have a cold. So why not start each morning and end each evening with some form of supplement designed to help you fight off illness?

4. Large Clips

One minute, your bathing suit is resting peacefully on the back of your balcony’s deck chair. The next… it’s gone, thanks to a gust of wind. But if you have a couple of these handy-dandy clips, you can avoid having to run down to the on-board store for a new (and probably expensive) swimsuit!

5. Magnets

photo: flickr/Kristina Werner

If you’ve ever watched one of those cool vids where they show you how ships are built, you know that the walls of your cabin are comprised largely of steel. With a few magnets, you can easily leave messages for your family and, unlike Post-It notes, they’re pretty likely to stay put!

6. Charcoal Pills

You’ll see lots of folks advising you to pack ginger candies, sea bands and other tried-and-true remedies for sea sickness. But we’re here to suggest that you also pack some charcoal pills, usually available at any pharmacy. Why? Because they’ll help combat the effects of overindulging, whether in food or drink!

7. A Book

photo: flickr/Josué Goge
photo: flickr/Josué Goge

This may seem an odd addition to the category, but bear with us. These days, a whole lotta people travel with their electronic reading devices, which allow them to have access to a whole library while only actually packing a small device. But nothing beats a good, old-fashioned paperback when it comes to reading on the beach. Drop it in the sand or, even worse, water? No biggie. The same may not prove true with your kindle!

What are some small things you’ve packed on your cruise that have proved to be useful? Let us know!

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