Go “Behind the Fun!”

Ever wonder whose behind the some 12,000 meals that’s prepared a day on a cruise ship, how you get from Nassua to Freeport, Bahamas, or how 2,000 cabins are cleaned in a matter of hours without you even knowing? Well now thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines, all that inside knowledge is made possible. “Behind the Fun,” is a new program that Carnival will launch soon and by fall it will be throughout 12 of the ships in the fleet.

“Behind the Fun” begins with a stop backstage in the main show lounge and then moves on to the laundry room, crew galley and dining room, crew gym, and crew training center. Next it’s on to the expansive main galley where the culinary team prepares upwards of 12,000 meals and snacks a day. The tour also includes a visit to the ship’s bridge and engine control room.”

The tour is limited to 16 guests and costs 95.00. I will be doing it in September and I will be giving you a full report!

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Hi, this may be of interest to you: Go "Behind the Fun!". This is the link: https://cruiseradio.net/go-behind-the-fun/