Norwegian Viva Southern Caribbean Review [Podcast]

In this episode of Cruise Radio, the host discusses a seven-night cruise aboard the Norwegian Viva with Victor, who recently returned from the trip starting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Victor shares his pre-cruise adventures in Puerto Rico, including an off-roading experience in the southern part of the island. He then describes the embarkation process, his first impressions of the ship’s atrium, and the unique three-pool design.

Victor also praises the whiskey bar on board and details the stateroom’s design and amenities, noting the earthy color palette and efficient use of space despite some quirks with the closet’s wire baskets.

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A Norwegian Viva cruise ship docked in a Southern Caribbean port under a partly cloudy sky.
This episode is brought to you by, giving you three levels of travel protection — Good, Better, and Best — a travel insurance policy for every budget.


  • Pre-Cruise Thoughts (00:00:53) Planning and surprise anniversary cruise trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Embarkation Experience (00:03:20) Efficient and unique embarkation process at the port in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • First Impressions of Norwegian Viva (00:05:47) Atrium and design of the ship, departure from the previous class of ships.
  • Stateroom Experience (00:08:54) Details of the cabin, including bathroom, closet, and balcony.
  • Buffet and Indoor Food Hall (00:12:08) Description of the main buffet and the concept of the indoor food hall with different cuisines.
  • Main Dining Room Experience (00:14:45) Dining in the Commodore and Hudson rooms, ambiance, and menu.
  • Specialty Restaurants (00:16:57) Experience dining at the Teppanyaki restaurant, ambiance, and food quality.
  • The food experiences (00:17:31) Victor talks about his dining experiences at the Teppanyaki place and the Bistro French restaurant, sharing his thoughts on the decor, staff, and cuisine.
  • Entertainment on board (00:18:35) Victor discusses the entertainment options on the ship, including the Viva theater, musical performances, and live music bands, and shares his opinions on the quality of the entertainment.
  • Live performances on board (00:21:03) Victor describes the live performances at the Metropolitan Bar, Cinnamon Norman, and the improv venue, highlighting the types of acts and the quality of the performances.
  • Port days and activities (00:22:25) Victor talks about the port days, including their activities in Saint Martin and Barbados and their decision to relax on board for most of the port days.
  • Casino and smoking areas (00:22:47) Victor shares his experience with the casino and the smoking section, discussing the layout and management of the smoking areas on the ship.
  • Ports of call experiences (00:24:13) Victor recounts their experiences in Saint Martin and Barbados, highlighting the activities and weather conditions at these ports.
  • San Juan and surrounding areas (00:26:24) The conversation shifts to the proximity of San Juan to other Caribbean islands, discussing the ease of travel between these destinations.
  • Disembarkation process (00:27:38) Victor talks about the smooth disembarkation process, including the use of facial recognition and the organization of transportation options.
  • Overall cruise experience and tips (00:28:57) Victor provides tips for those considering the Southern Caribbean itinerary or sailing on Norwegian Viva, sharing his thoughts on the ship and departure from San Juan.
  • Onboard amenities and activities (00:31:24) Victor discusses the availability of Wi-Fi, go-kart racing, and his overall experience with onboard activities and entertainment.

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