7 Great Things To Do in Antigua

Antigua is a popular port for cruise passengers. Formerly a British colony, Antigua is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, expansive coral reefs for snorkeling and diving, soft adventure opportunities, sheltered sailing harbors, and historic sites. If you’re planning to travel to Antigua, here are a few of the most popular things to do […]

Antigua announces port study for additional cruise locations

It was announced Monday that popular Southern Caribbean port Antigua will use Miami-based Global Destinations Development to conduct a Cruise Destination Fitness Test, assessing the Port of Antigua and Heritage Quay for the Antigua and Barbuda government. Chairman of Saint John’s Development Corp. Sylvester Brown said, “We plan to use the findings of the test […]

Stuck in Antigua.. Doah!

6 Carnival Cruise lines passengers are stuck in Antigua after a dispute with a cab drive which lead to police involvement  on Friday afternoon. We will have more details on this story soon.