Carnival Sensation Review

A  friend of mine traveled on the Carnival Sensation, leaving Port Canaveral on Thursday, September 10, 2009 and returning yesterday (Sept. 13) for a three day cruise. This is one of the shorter trips: Port Canaveral- Nassua, Bahamas – Sea Day, and Port Canaveral.  Everyone in the group was in their late 20’s.   The Sensation is a […]

A Worldwide Day of Remembrance

It happens to all of us, to me …a lot. Sometimes you get that bug and have to get away and cruise. Last year, that day happened to be on Sept. 11, 2008. Working in media for the past nine years 9/11 has always had a great impact on me because of the listeners and […]

Disney Wonder rescues Carnival Sensation passenger

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A man was rescued Thursday morning after falling from a cruise ship based at Port Canaveral. The man was aboard the Carnival Sensation, and Coast Guard Petty Officer Nick Ameen said he was found about 20 miles offshore of Port Saint Lucie. Ameen said the passenger was able to tread water […]

The Yellowbird excursion- Nassau

On board the ship you have many options to choose from when it comes to in port excursions. Recently I sailed on the Carnival Sensation out of Port Canaveral, Florida. I flipped through the excursion guide and found the “yellow bird party boat,” cost 37 dollars.  Party boat?! I’m in! So we bought the excursion and […]