Carnival Triumph Returns to Service Thursday

The Miami Herald reports that the Carnival Triumph is returning to service from Galveston, TX on Thursday after $115 million in repairs and upgrades following the February fire that left it powerless in the Gulf of Mexico. After several dramatic days adrift at sea in February, the ship was towed to Mobile, Alabama where it […]

Barge Explosion on Mobile River Injures 3

Three people were hurt last night as a barge transporting thousands of gallons of fuel burst into flames on the east side of the Mobile River, this according to a local Alabama newspaper. The barge explosion could not be extinguished and was left to burn itself out. Local businesses and operations in the area were […]

Carnival Cruise Voluntarily Pays Back Federal Government

Carnival Cruise Lines is in fact voluntarily making payments to the Department of Treasury for aid rendered for the recent Carnival Triumph, and Carnival Splendor from November 2010. In a statement on their website, the cruise line said, “Carnival Corporation is in the process of voluntarily submitting payment to the U.S. Treasury Department to reimburse […]