Dutch journalists document Costa Concordia cruise salvage

Every since Costa Concordia sunk of the Tuscan Coast this past January, residents of the island of Giglio and around the world have been wondering when the salvage operation would begin. This past Friday Costa Cruises announced they’ll be teaming up with salvage companies Titan/Micoperi to float and remove the ship that sits only 30’ […]

Costa Cruises outlines plan to refloat sunken Concordia

Today Titan-Micoperi, the winner of the bid to refloat Costa Concordia presented their plan to remove the wreck from the coast of Giglio Island. The operation will begin in a few days and is expected to take up to 12-months. Operations will be divided into four basic stages: After stabilizing the ship, a subsea platform […]

Costa issues new rules for captains, real-time ship tracking

Costa Cruises unveiled new safety measures today that bring real-time tracking of its ships’ routes and will impose limits on the authority of their ships captains. Noting “new bridge procedures stipulate that the captain isn’t the only one who issues orders,” the Washington Post reports that “Members of his team also take part in making […]

Carnival Corporation cruise ships take part in safety project

e MonaLisa project promises to track the locations of ships sailing in European waters, increasing safety, efficiency and reducing environmental impact.  Knee-jerk reaction to Costa Concordia being in the wrong place at the wrong time or part of an ongoing effort. “The project is a computerised tracking system that offers a continuous view of ship […]

Cruise sail-by no reason to condemn industry

Lately,  it seems it seems that every time we turn around more bad news comes out about something bad that happened in the cruise industry.  It was not all that long ago when reports of bad things happening to passengers on ships, crime ashore and fire on board were events that rarely happened.  Then came […]

Worldwide Cruise Industry Adds New Safety Rules

When the Costa Concordia grounded in January, the worldwide cruise industry community came together as never before, ordering an Operational Safety Review. The review is complete and resulted in three new policies set to address safety concerns These three new policies, which go beyond the strict international regulatory requirements that cruise lines must already comply […]

Salvage agreement awarded in Costa Concordia cruise wreck

Costa Crociere and the Costa Concordia Emergency Commissioner’s Office announced that the tender for the removal of the ship from Giglio Island has been awarded to Titan Salvage in partnership with the Italian firm Micoperi. The work will begin in early May subject to final approval from the Italian authorities and is expected to take […]

Bad news piles up in cruise industry

News this week brought especially negative news about an industry that prides itself on a highly positive experience for their customers.  Especially troubling about these bad news reports is that these events were spread out over a number of lines.   That they were not isolated to one line, could chip away further at the industry’s […]

Cruise safety training school earns select status

Maritime Professional Training (MPT) is the largest private maritime training school in the United States. Training over 5,000 Coast Guard members, shipboard firefighters, chief engineers, cabin stewards, waiters and captains of cruise ships, Maritime Professional Training (MPT) in Florida is a facility that attracts seafarers from around the world. All the conditions that can lead […]

Cruise safety of today thanks Titanic of 100 years ago

At the time of her maiden and final voyage, 100 years ago today, RMS Titanic was the most advanced vessel of her day. Proud owner White Star Line thought her unsinkable and set out to show the world their new ship. Little did shipbuilders know that the grand ocean liner‘s enduring legacy would not be […]