Episode: Picking the Right Cruise 2009

Imagine yourself sitting at home. The phone rings. You have been offered a dream job and have 48 hours to fly to Miami and board a 70,000 ton cruise ship. Your destination: the Caribbean. author , Micha Berman of the best seller Permanent Passenger joins us. In cruise news, Doug will have a full report of the […]

A Cruise to Nowhere

There is a older military vessel that sits in the port downtown Jacksonville, Fla., I think its on a tour or something. While I was down at the pier taking a look at it I over heard a older couple talking about a three day cruise they want to take but they have never been […]

Cruise Dining Options

Last night I was eating sushi with friends and someone asked me about dining on a cruise ship. I was telling her that this topic could go on for days but I will give her the cliff notes version.  What is cruise ship dining like? If you appreciate good food then you will love cruise […]

How to Avoid Getting Seasick

If you look the word “seasickness” up online, it will say: a sickness resulting from the pitching and rolling of a ship or boat in water, especially at sea. If you want to get all web MD, its your brain adjusting to an unstable environment.  Today I was asked a question from a co-worker: What’s the […]

Port Review of Cozumel, Mexico

I always enjoy posting questions that people pose to me about cruising because chances are if one person is asking me the questions…. many others are wondering the same thing. Today’s questions was a good one and to my surprise I have never wrote about it. What is Cozumel, Mexico like ? My journey was […]

Episode: Carnival Legend 2009 Review

In Episode 8 of Cruise and Blog radio: Anne Campbell returns with her second part of her “Saving Money at Sea” interview. In cruise news we talk about just how Royal Caribbean is helping the S. Fla., recession. On our cruise corner segment, Natalie, talks to us about her western caribbean trip on the Carnival […]

Episode: Staying Healthy at Sea 2009

This week health and fitness blogger, Meghann Anderson, joins us to talk about staying healthy at sea.  Check out her blog. Anne Campbell, talks to us about things to do on Nassau, Bahamas. News on Disneys upgrades to Castaway Cay and discounted repositioning cruises for this fall. Also, cruise passenger Amanda, joins us for a […]

First Time Cruiser: Carnival Legend, Tampa, Florida

Well I wish it was me writing this from the Carnival Legend, but im not.  I am sitting in my office however, my friend and his girlfriend are sitting on the lido deck and teasing me with pictures from their iPhones. This will be a seven day western caribbean cruise leaving from Tampa, FL with an itinerary of,  Fun Day At […]