Episode: Picking the Right Cruise Ship 2009 Pt. 2

On this week’s episode of Cruise and Blog Radio, travel agent Karen joins us to answer your questions about using travel a agent. Anne Campbell will weigh in on our weekly series helping us pick the perfect cruise ship. With so much food on the cruise ship and calories around every corner, fitness blogger Meghann […]

Oasis of the Seas Video

This is the worlds largest cruise ship coming into Port Everglades in South Florida last week. It’s amazing!

Key West, Fla. via Cruise Ship

So I was asked the other day: What is Key West like?   Great seafood, drinks, tourism, and beauty are a couple of words that would describe Key West, Florida. If you ever been there you know exactly what I am talking about. With a population of about 24,000 people and just a few square […]

A Cruise to Nowhere

There is a older military vessel that sits in the port downtown Jacksonville, Fla., I think its on a tour or something. While I was down at the pier taking a look at it I over heard a older couple talking about a three day cruise they want to take but they have never been […]

Cruise Dining Options

Last night I was eating sushi with friends and someone asked me about dining on a cruise ship. I was telling her that this topic could go on for days but I will give her the cliff notes version.  What is cruise ship dining like? If you appreciate good food then you will love cruise […]

How to Avoid Getting Seasick

If you look the word “seasickness” up online, it will say: a sickness resulting from the pitching and rolling of a ship or boat in water, especially at sea. If you want to get all web MD, its your brain adjusting to an unstable environment.  Today I was asked a question from a co-worker: What’s the […]

How to Eat Smart While Cruising

This is Meghann’s second part of her healthy cruising segment. Meghann will be part of Cruise Radio when we do our “Staying healthy at sea” show.  Meanwhile, you can check out her blog here. While staying active is a key part, you also can’t expect to indulge in every single meal and not have to […]