River cruise line highlights themed sailings

Like other river cruise lines, AmaWaterways sails on Europe’s Danube, Rhine, Main, Mosel and Rhône rivers. Known for its custom-designed ships, extensive complimentary amenities and personalized service levels.  Unique to AmaWaterways is a celebration of Jewish history, visiting the oldest synagogue in the world and touring Europe’s charming cities on two different itineraries. Today, AmaWaterways […]

Layaway for Cruises?

A question was posed to me over the weekend about financing a cruise through the cruise line or travel agency. My first question is Why?  With the economy that we are in, I think financing something (other then a need) is ridiculous.  I always try to pay with cash when possible.  To answer his questions, […]

13 Ways to Save Money on a Cruise

So I browsing through some sites and found a really good article on how to save money on cruises…… I pulled this from https://www.chron.com by CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT Tribune Media Services. Thinking of taking a cruise? Here are some money-saving secrets from travel agents and veteran cruisers. 1. Buy early. When Jeff Cooper worked for a cruise […]