Why I Love Cruising

Yesterday at work someone asked me:   Why do you love cruising so much?   I couldn’t help but laugh as I gave him a laundry list of reasons.   Everything is all inclusive You only have to unpack once It’s impossible to get a DUI on a cruise ship! Where else can you walk […]

Bad Weather and Cruising

So one of the questions that I get a lot is “what is there to do onboard the ship when it rains?”  On my first cruise this was a major concern for me.  Not only is the thought of rocking back and forth on a six story boat not sound fun, but to me it […]

Why I love cruising so much

This post is a little random but I was looking at cruise prices today and WOW, super cheap!  For example, a cruise line offered a fare of 339 dollars for a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas. You cant beat the price offered for three nights accommodations, three meals a day, three destinations,  on board entertainment, […]