9 Tips for Surviving an International Flight

Let’s face it, an international flight can be complete hell, sitting in a seat, confined, and bored out of your mind.  After taking a couple international flights this year I came up with a few things may help you stay sane on those long international flights. Tips for surviving: 1. Take a red eye. If […]

Crystal Cruises offers “Digital Filmmaking: The iPad iMovie Video Course”

In an industry first, Crystal Cruises has teamed up with the esteemed University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts – alma mater of Ron Howard, Robert Zemeckis, and George Lucas, among many other film and media-makers – to present “Digital Filmmaking: The iPad iMovie Video Course” through the line’s exclusive Creative Learning Institute.  Just […]

Study shows vacationers just can’t stay disconnected

Scanning smartphones, tablets and laptops is as much a part of vacations as slathering on sunscreen, according to a Michigan State University study. The results, which will appear in the forthcoming issue of Annals of Tourism Research, show that easy online access and ubiquitous personal devices have made the digital divide disappear, even for folks […]

Tips for traveling with smart devices

This article was contributed by the CEO of TripInsurance, Dan Skilken Travelers are using more electronic devices on airplanes. It used to be that travelers would break out their iPods or smart phones once the “fasten seat belt sign” was extinguished, but now I am seeing a plethora of Nook, Kindles, iPads, and other electronic […]