My Passport Process

This year I will be thirty and I have yet to get a passport, until this week.  With my Cruise Radio show exploding at the seams it will be anytime until I get invited overseas to cover a new ship release or a dry dock visit (I can dream right?) ….so this week I took […]

Passport Requirements for Cruise Travel

WIKI Passport

A lot of people don’t have passports these days and still want to go on a cruise. I got a question last night and it was a good one… Can I cruise without a passport? Yes! A common misconception is that you can’t cruise without a passport and if you ask 9 out of 10 cruise line […]

Expert Advice: Tips for Navigating Ports of Call

PORTS OF CALL Always carry your passport in port as well as cruise line provided maps Take a picture of the port map prior to taking pictures in ports. Many cathedrals and small winding streets as well as spectacular views of ruins, cities at night, sunsets, etc look the SAME Learn local phrases:(most are on […]

My Personal Reasons for Loving the Cruise Lifestyle

This post is a little random but I was looking at cruise prices today and WOW, super cheap!  For example, a cruise line offered a fare of 339 dollars for a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas. You cant beat the price offered for three nights accommodations, three meals a day, three destinations,  on board entertainment, […]