Cruise Port Parking: Four Ways to Save

Flying to a cruise port isn’t cheap, but either is cruise port parking. When you tally up the fuel, wear on the car  and those dreaded port parking charges, it starts to add up. While I can’t help you with the fuel or wear and tear on your vehicle, I can give you some options […]

7 Money Saving Cruise Tips

Let’s face it, everyone that goes on a cruise vacation doesn’t want to get nickel and dimed to death. Throughout my last cruise, I was thinking of ways to save money, and it worked. My sign and sail account was next to nothing on disembarkation morning! Here’s some money saving cruise tips: 1. Look for […]

13 Tips For Leaving Your Cruise Ship

Getting ready for a cruise vacation is way more fun than what to do when it is over. Before, we plan where to go, what to do and get excited for the experience.  After, not so much.  Still, preparing for getting off the ship can be just as important.  You’ll want to know where to […]