The Unsinkable Ship …. REALLY?

They called it the ship that even God couldn’t sink — and he proved that theory wrong. I’m talking about the RMS Titanic as it sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean some 98 years ago… April 14, 1912.  Personally I am a Titanic freak so I found this to be really intriguing.

How would you like to relive the elegance and grandeur of that voyage without well…. the inconvenience?

A trans-atlantic cruise is planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

The Titanic memorial cruise is planned just like the original itinerary of the Titanic. Departing from South Hampton, England, on April 8th and making the trans atlantic voyage, also included along the way is a stop in Cobh, Ireland… just like the original voyage.

A memorial service will be held on board at exactly the 100 year mark of the ship hitting the iceberg (April 13 11:40 pm) and the exact spot of the sinking (April 14 2:20 am).

After the memorial service the ship will head to Halifax, Nova Scotia where the passengers can visit the three cemeteries where the victims of the Titanic are buried. Afterwards picking up from Nova Scotia and heading to NYC just like the original itinerary of the Titanic. Which clearly didn’t make it

It doesn’t stop there though. The cruise will menu will match the original menu about the Titanic, music and dancing from that era,historians, and lectures.

If your interested in this — it’ll cost ya.  The voyage starts at 3,900 dollars and goes up from there. It will be on the cruise ship the “Balmoral,”  a 710 cabin, –passenger vessel that holds 1350 passengers and 510 crew members.  The cruise ship is Norwegian owned and used to be called the “Norwegian Crown,” prior to 2007 when it was owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

The Balmoral

The Minneapolis based Borton Overseas is handling this voyage if you wish to take part.

Here is something that I thought was weird but not so weird now — when I sailed on the Monarch of the Seas — they played the movie Titanic as the nightly movie — not so strange to me now.

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