Trip Review “Monarch of the Seas” July 3-6, 2009 — Day 2

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View of ship from Senor Frogs

After a fun afternoon and evening of meeting people yesterday, day two is here. Destination Nassau, Bahamas.  We woke about 8 am, had breakfast at the Windjammer cafe. Went for a little walk to let the food settle and then headed to the gym about 9 am.  The gym is in the very back of the ship overlooking the stern of the vessel, great view!  A lot of people had the same work out idea that I had, the gym was packed.  After the gym, being a workaholic, I had to stop and check my email. The internet on the ship is .55 cents a minute, you can also choose a pre-paid package for 28 bucks, that prorated to .47 cents a minute. Either or, you gotta have it.

Early morning showers gave way to a beautiful day on the island. We arrived in Nassau right on time. Can I just say the navigation skills of the captain docking the ship is amazing. The captain backed the ship into a small berth like it was nothing.  We were all tied up and ready to leave the ship from deck 1 at noon.  Before leaving the ship make sure you have cash, your ID, and your sea pass card to get back on. Swiping the sea pass card lets the ship know whose on and whose off.

We didn’t eat lunch on the ship and went straight to Senor Frogs.  Country music superstar, Reba was  at the Atlantis Resort for a private concert so all my co workers were already on the island for the show, they flew in on Thursday.

If you have never been to Senor Frogs, its a party atmosphere with live dancing,conga lines, free shots, etc. If you plan to go there, you may want to eat lunch on the ship first. We had lunch there with the coworkers, two entrees and two drinks was 70 bucks.  See the video a couple posts down for our time at frogs!

About 5 pm we said farewell to the coworkers and made our way back to the ship. It took a while cause there was a big festival set up on the pier for July 4th. I believe its a week long celebration cause Bahamas celebrates its Independence day July 10.

Back on the ship we went to the room and took a cat nap and woke back up at 6 pm to get ready for the captains cocktail party, which is formal attire.  The cocktail party was at 7:30 pm is a welcome reception that the captain throws complimentary drinks and snacks are included.  The captain did a speech at about 8:15 and than it was time to head to the dining room for the captains formal dinner. A variety to choose from on the menu, I had the Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, sirloin, and banana cake with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

After dinner, we went up to the viking lounge, which remember is a 360 degree unrestricted view, about 140 feet above sea level, from there we watched the fireworks from the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Very cool!  We eased onto the room and changed for the midnight buffet. You want to talk about a spread. There was every kind of food imaginable on the buffet all the way to a roasted pig, poor piggy.  We ate entirely too much but well worth it. Finally after lots more food and a couple pineapple drinks we called it a night.  In bed by 2 am.

To be continued…

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